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The best pre ski workouts

Heading out of town for a weekend at the ski hill? Get your body in perfect skiing shape with these pre ski workouts before you go.

Plyometric exercises

Don’t feel bad if you have no idea what plyometric exercises are. Basically, a plyometric exercise is anything that requires you to jump. Since your legs take the brunt of the workout while skiing, it’s important to strengthen your leg muscles before you go.

One of the best plyometric exercises for skiers is jumping rope, which not only strengthens your leg muscles, but it also improves your stamina and endurance. If that’s too easy for you, then you might also want to try out jump squats. If you’re focusing on endurance, then aim for a large number of low-intensity exercises; if you’re trying to build leg strength, go for high weight with a low rep count. 

As with any workout, be extra careful while performing plyometric exercises. They can be particularly difficult on people with a history of knee problems, and it doesn’t take much to tweak an old skiing injury. However, by knowing your body and taking the workout slow, you can optimize your leg muscles and perfect your skiing form.

Core workouts

Most people are amazed to discover how easy it is to ski once they improve their core muscles. A few basic ab workouts per week can have a phenomenal impact on your skiing performance. While you’re at it, also focus on exercises that improve your back muscles. As your core gets stronger, you’ll find it easier to center your balance while skiing, making those double black diamond runs look like a piece of cake.

Leg machines and workout equipment

Once you’ve strengthened your core and optimized your endurance, it’s time to build up strength in your legs. While few people like ‘leg day’ at the gym, it’s one of the most important parts of a good skiing experience. Focus on machines that work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, as these are the most frequently used muscles while skiing.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym to work your legs, then try performing lunges and leg presses at home. While they may not build up as much strength as your gym’s leg machines, they can still help you improve your skiing performance in a pinch.


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